DEFI WIND and DEFI KITE, two races like no other in this world
From 23rd May to 1st June 2014 in Gruissan
1.000 windsurfers from 25 nations will line up at the start of DEFI WIND, with world champions, sporting legends and a large number of amateurs including one born in 2001 and another in 1941. These are the figures. Registration for this event, the largest of its kind, is now closed, all sold out.

With 150 kitesurfers, the second edition of DEFI KITE confirms its position as the largest kitesurf event in France. All the big French kite surfing names will be there as well as several international kitesurf stars, notably Kevin Langeree, the freestyle world champion and recent winner of the Red Bull King Of The Air in South Africa.


DEFI KITE, from 23rd to 25th May
DEFI WIND, from 29th May to 1st June

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IFCA Slalom World Championships 2014 Azores



by eric bellande

by eric bellande

The IFCA Slalom World Championships took place from the 5th until the 10th of May in the Bay of Praia da Vitoria in Terceira, Azores.

A great location and well organized event provided great racing conditions on the 4th event day. The best winds suddenly came trough after...




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IFCA Judging Seminar #3



topzeil centrum scheveningen The Hague

group pic

The third judging seminar took place in the city of The Hague on the sandy coastline of Holland from the 4th of April till the 6th, at the Internationaal Topzeilcentrum in Scheveningen.

The seminars program contained several sessions from mornings till afternoon about subjects such as freestyle event set up, judging, freestyle maneuvers knowledge and event management.

On the final day a written test plus a visual freestyle competition judging test were scheduled, followed by a closing lunch with reviewing of the answers.

Brief history:

This Seminar was organized by the president of the International Funboard Class Association to grant official certificates to a selection of IFCA certified judges.

These judges get priority and are useful for events running underneath the IFCA such as:

The European Freestyle Pro Tour and the IFCA Freestyle Championship events for youth, Junior and pro kids. Next to that it is also useful for local organizers to work with international certified judges.

Why is there a need for more judges:

Finding good judges for national and international events is sometimes not so easy. With this annual seminar we would like to have a bigger contact list of certified judges around Europe and the World for future events and to be able to provide contacts to local organisers.

See a List of IFCA Certified Judges

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We. R. Out in Collaboration with Continetseven


“We.R.Out” is the product of a collaboration of the windsurfer and musician Ruben BNG Petrisie and us, Continentseven. At each windsurfing event thousands of pictures are produced by different photographers, but just a few of them get published or go public. So, we had the idea to put some of them in a video with an own sound, extra produced for the clip. The video is quite different to the usual eventvideos and an attempt to produce a short clip made by pictures of different people.

Continentseven: "This product was an attempt to try something new and it was great to collaborate with Ruben, as he loves windsurfing and has been into the windsurfing scene for many years. That’s what we like, commitment, passion and creativity in windsurfing!”

Ruben BNG Petrisie: “All I want to say is that I am happy to have been collaborating with continentseven on such a unique music project as I do love new directions creativity wise thinking.”

With “We.R.Out” Ruben describes the feelings during a windsurfing contest from the start of the first heat until the award ceremony in the end. He tells about the new champs, the old champs, friends, crazy spins and tricks, money makers, cold weather, grey skys, blue skys, sun, winning, losing and much more, all happening during the PWA World Cup Sylt 2013.

The pictures were taken by Daniell Bohnhof/HOCH ZWEI, Sebastian Schöffel/HOCH ZWEI, Susanne Timm/Continentseven, Kerstin Reiger/Continentseven and John Carter/PWA World Tour.

Edit: Kerstin Reiger | Continentseven

Track Name: We.R.Out

By: Ruben BNG Petrisie

prod: Bngsounds

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BIG & FLY @ Risoul ski resort



warm grooves on the snow

riding with friends

bng spins la grotte du yeti

BIG and FLY is a seasonal big Air competition on the slopes of Risoul " best ski resort we know in France" for Skiers and Snowboarders with great sunny pistes.

Visitors and spectators get to hang out at the end of the day while the show takes place in front of them with pounding music from a selection of guest Dj's every single week.



BNG as opening Guest for the 014 season + releasing a dedicated sound track for the event Big and Fly "free download"






La Grotte du Yéti

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IFCA Freestyle European Championships Youth Junior pro kids


event poster

BNG as race director

Images: Hana Dutina

windsurf kids on TV

Awards by hana Dutina

The IFCA European Freestyle Championships for Youths, Juniors and pro kids was organized by "BURA" a new sport association club in Croatia.


The whole area of Kamenjak is a paradise for surfers and lovers of water sports activities.

Due to the special climate and its geographical position, Kamenjak waters are exposed to the influence of winds from all sides. In the summer, winds of the eastern and western directions give surfers all day enjoyment on their boards. In the fall southerly winds dominate.

The Kamenjak and Medulin archipelago was once ranked as one of the most popular destinations for lovers of windsurfing in Europe. Due to the configuration of the coast our surf locations are safe and readily accessible also, with an unspoiled nature all around you, Kamenjak is one of the most desirable vacation spots for domestic and foreign guests.


Event details and reports HERE


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European Fun Board Expression 2013




sound control BNG and MC Loic


The last stop of the Freestyle European Tour was staged at Brutal Beach, in the South of France, being organized and hosted by Fred Bosson and the Open Ocean Media crew. 25 riders from 8 nations traveled to the coast to either have their first international competition experience or to fight for a good position within the overall ranking for 2013 or even for the title itself.

It was good to see how the European Freestyle Expression event has been developing over the last couple of years and we are hoping for it to become even bigger in the future to attract even more spectators and riders. The whole organization team is making this happen year by year with a lot of passion, always trying to improve and integrate new ideas to push their event and their excellent media output to the next level. efpt



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